HTC HD7 does not have an accessible memory slot

by Ralos on October 25, 2010

in News, Windows Phone 7

HTC HD7There has been much speculation over microSD memory card access on Windows Phone 7 handsets. The Samsung Omnia 7 has an accessible slot underneath the battery cover that will allow users to expand storage. However, it won’t let you use it as removable storage given the limitations of WP7.

Unfortunately, the HTC HD7 does not have the same accessibility. Behind the battery cover only reveals a slot for the sim card only with no memory card accessibility to be found. This is somewhat disappointing if you only buy a HTC HD7 with 8GB storage. It is less of a deal breaker for those who have handsets with 16GB storage. Check out the pictures beneath the HTC HD7 hood below.




  • Gusta

    these phones are terrible, there is no information on how to fix the ‘storage card’, proving that there is an sd card, under the bottom cover it sits right next to the sim card slot but in order to remove the card it has to be removed from below,
    i am sick of this phone, i had it for 2 months then the storage card stopped working, i have spent ages trying to fix it.

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